Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to spirituality based on the teachings of Jesus and other enlightened teachers coupled with the power of prayer. We honor the universal truths in all religions and respect each individual’s right to choose their own spiritual path.

Unity emphasizes the practical, everyday application of spiritual principles toward living more abundant and meaningful lives. Unity affirms the power of prayer and meditation in fostering a stronger connection with the Divine.

We offer opportunities for friendship and fellowship as we support each other in our personal and spiritual growth. Unity is committed to helping you find your way to your experience of the God of your understanding. Spiritual seekers often say that finding Unity is like coming home!


Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for January: Faith
Apostle: Peter
Area of Body: Base of the brain
Color: Royal blue
Faith: The ability to believe, intuit, and perceive.
Affirmation: Faith blesses my day and paves my way.