In March 2020, Reverend Baine Palmer became the spiritual leader at Unity by the Bay, after serving as our transition minister for the preceding 16 months. We are grateful for the leadership that he provided after the retirement of our beloved Marianne “Mahala” Connally in November 2018. Baine is a visionary, an inspiring speaker, a skilled administrator, a team builder, and a compassionate communicator. He is a blessing to Unity by the Bay!

Baine was ordained as a Unity minister in 1986. Since that time, he has led congregations in Memphis, Tennessee; Eugene, Oregon; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Sartell, Minnesota. He has been affiliated with Silent Unity, which accounts for the peace that he carries and the warmth that he so generously shares.

A Message from Reverend Baine
We are delighted that you have found us, either in person or on our website! We invite you to get to know us, and we welcome the opportunity to get to know you.

Unity’s approach to the Divine, to the divinity that resides within each of us, is more spiritual than religious. We believe in one God and we honor the many paths that lead us toward our own understanding of the Divine.

Here at Unity by the Bay, we offer teachings that support each person’s spiritual journey. We provide inspiration and tools for spiritual transformation. We are a community that listens and cares.

Unity welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs. We welcome people of all creeds, of any sexual orientation, and from any social background. We celebrate our Oneness, in the many forms it takes in this earthly existence.

If you are looking for a loving, caring, supportive community of spiritual seekers, then you are in the right place. If you want to be surrounded by people who are possibility thinkers, who see what’s right with the world, and who will support you on your journey, you will feel at home at Unity by the Bay.

Please know that there is a place for you here with us! If I may serve you in any way, please contact me here at Unity by the Bay.

Welcome home!

Reverend Baine

Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for May: Power
Apostle: Philip
Area of Body: Throat
Color: Purple
Power: Self-mastery and spiritual presence
Affirmation: I have the power to create my world.