Unity by the Bay is largely a VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION

Please take a moment to ask yourself –

  • What are my gifts and talents?
  • How could I offer to serve?
  • Where is there a need?
  • What could I do that would be fulfilling and bring a sense of satisfaction?

Contact Carol Kerr, our volunteer coordinator at carolkerr123@gmail.com.

Join us in CommUNITY Participation
Unity by the Bay is a community of like-minded people, joining together to worship and support each other along our spiritual paths. Like any community, our vigor depends on the open participation of our members and friends. We have a wealth of talent within our community and lots of opportunity for each and every person who comes through our doors to gain and give support. We have a large cadre of individuals who stand up every week and give a hand, a song, a smile to nourish our souls and brighten our day. Pitching in is the easiest, fastest way of feeling like a vital member of our community. And that is true abundance: that feeling of well-being that comes from feeling connected to a loving, vital community.

Right now, we open our doors for public events three or four days out of seven; and it’s our members and friends who make these events possible. When you participate in these events, you let us know that they are important to you and that you find value in them. Perhaps you would use them more if they were on a different day, at a different time, or in a different location. If that’s the case, let us know.

We offer what we believe will be helpful, or useful, or enjoyable to you; so if there’s something else you’d like to see available, speak up! And if you want to become more involved with our activities, or offer your services in our day-to-day functioning or for our special events, let us know that, too!

Contact our church administrator, Tia Crisp, at 410-544-6990 or admin@unitybythebay.org

How We Serve

Following is a brief glance into the many roles and opportunities for infusing our community with your unique presence.

Sunday, our biggest day
We start off at 10 AM when the ushers and the platform assistant for the day enter our portal and set the stage for our worshippers. They are joined by the sound technician, musicians, speaker, teachers, prayer chaplains, Daily Word reader, flower arranger, hospitality and bookstore helpers, and our greeters. We rotate volunteers through all of these positions to share the ownership and joy of our commitment to our community.

The first Monday of the month finds Pat Clarke and other Reiki masters offering Reiki Share. This is an all-volunteer event open to the community at large on a love offering basis.

On weekdays, Mahala prays over prayer requests from her home.

Wednesday night is class night; we’ve had quarterly classes with Mahala on the Fourfold Path, and the Sedona Method® study group alternating between Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on the monthly class schedule.

We also have people pitching in in the following ways:
Bookstore: staffing the sales desk and taking inventory
Computer and website support
Decorating: seasonal and daily
Environment: recycling, reusing, reducing waste
Fund-raising: special events planning, other opportunities
Hospitality: Sundays and special events
Landscaping/Maintenance: main building and grounds
Office help: Sunday bulletin, promotional materials, newsletter, UBB directory, emails, deposits
Publicity for special events and routine advertising/outreach
Sunday services
Special events
World Day of Prayer
Youth program


Looking for an easy and fun way to serve your Church Community?
The Hospitality Team can be somewhat short-staffed from time to time. Margaret is making the schedule now for the coming weeks. She invites anyone who can commit to a specific day to name ONE Sunday in the near future when you would be able either to arrive around 9:45 OR stay till around 1:30, to work with one of our team members. By offering an extra hour or so on ONE Sunday, without a long-term commitmentYOU can make a BIG difference to the happiness and well-being of the Hospitality Team. Please contact Margaret at mah1221@hotmail.com, or reply to her hospitality post on the Unity Facebook page, or send her a message on Facebook.

UBB Gardening Volunteers
SOS! (Save Our Shrubs!) People may not like the hot and humid weather, but weeds LOVE it!  We are in danger of losing some of our plants and shrubs.  Can you spare a little time—on your own schedule—to pull some weeds? Bring a bucket or bag, gloves, and a kneeling pad. Our beautiful plants will thank you!

Children’s Program
Like Smiles and Giggles? The Wiggle Room is looking for help on both a paid and volunteer basis. If you can help out, even on an occasional basis, please contact the office at admin@unitybythebay.org or 410-544-7990. You will be GLAD you did!

Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for August: Will
Apostle: Matthew
Area of Body: Center of the brain
Color: Silver
Will: The ability to choose, decide, command, lead, determine.
Affirmation: I choose my good based on spiritual understanding.

RSS The Daily Word

  • Healing
    One with the life of God within, I claim wholeness.