Introductions seem like the proper place to start. My name is Madeleine Parsell and I have the immense joy of sharing my voice and my truth with you each month. In this space, my goal is to be transparent and authentic about my personal journey and particularly about my journey with God.

In the past five years I have pushed, struggled, and surrendered my way out of a skin that no longer felt comfortable. Closer yet, I have shedded many skins and continue to do so as I dive deeper into myself and in turn dive deeper into God. It is my belief that we each have the divine spark within us and every spark is a unique and inalienable thread that weaves us through the fabric of the universe. Akin to magic, we are weaving in and out of each other’s lives, echoing energy, and creating something far greater than the sum of its parts. Already spiritually perfect, we are master manifestors and alchemists. And in this, I am eager to share this journey with you.

This indirectly brings me to the title of this blog, Egret Idea. While I didn’t object to feeling a little punny, I mainly wanted a title that felt both personal and reflective. And birds are definitely personal to me. In fact, in a recent meditation, I was metaphysically visited by birds. 

My meditation began as I tuned into the currents of energy radiating through my body, moving like an intricate network of rivers. Some time later, my consciousness shifted and I became aware of birds standing around me. They looked roughly like Egrets, but with immensely long, curved beaks.

In a dream-like fashion, my perspective shifted and I could see an aerial view of my body and the birds. My torso housed a koi fish pond. The water was murky and choppy as the shadowy fish darted below the surface. The birds began to insert their beaks into the pond to spear the fish. Eventually, one of the fish was caught and slowly extracted by their combined effort. As the fish emerged, it appeared as a shadow of undefinable shape, clinging to me, reluctant to leave. They flew off with the shadow and I was left with a strong sense that something important had happened; that something no longer serving me was pulled free. 

This moment of divine intervention created a strong sense of trust and gratitude that I am both supported and protected. I’ve suddenly noticed how much bird-related art is in my house, never having realized what a strong affinity some unconscious part of me had to them. This in turn makes me wonder in what other ways my life is already aligned. I am filled with this blooming sense, strong and soft, that my life is utterly aligned and everything is unfolding just as it should. I am so grateful to see just a little bit closer to the center of truth and just a little bit closer to the center of God.

When this becomes a proper blog (hopefully soon!), I will pose questions like this one: What are some of your most poignant meditation or spiritual experiences? I would love to hear about them!

Sending you light and love,


Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for October: Zeal
Apostle: Simon the Canaanite
Area of Body: Back of the head
Color: Orange
Zeal: The inner flame that burns brightly for all to see.
Affirmation: I enthusiastically accept my good and go forward to achieve my purpose.