Prayer at Unity by the Bay

Prayer is one of Unity’s foundations. Through our use of Affirming prayer, we release negative thoughts and hold onto our spiritual truths. Prayer heightens our awareness of God and transforms our lives. There is no one way to pray. Even if we don’t pray on a regular basis or haven’t prayed for a very long time, all we need do is begin to pray, as God hears all prayers.

Unity by the Bay has a variety of Prayer resources available for you to use. All the loving people involved in offering prayer service at UBB have personal experience of the “Power of Prayer” in their own lives. You do not have to be a member of Unity by the Bay to use any or all of the Prayer services we offer. We are a resource that is here for you.

Our Phone/Email Prayer Team

Our Phone Prayer Team consists of loving people who use a telephone prayer chain to pray for you. You can call into the church office at 410-544-7990 any time and leave your prayer request. Our Phone Prayer Team members include Joyce and Gary Kolb, Ronn Nuger, Nancy Dowell, Betty O’Brien, Cathy Palmer, and Jan Dineen.  All prayers remain confidential.

You can request prayer by sending an email to

Sunday Prayer Chaplains

Each Sunday, Prayer Chaplains are available after the service to pray with you. They have been trained to hold that spiritual space to connect to God as they pray with you in good times or when you are troubled. Our Prayer Chaplains include Carol Hawtin, Ethel Porter, Lilia Phelps, Linda Kesselring and Ronnie Stewart.  All prayers are confidential.

At the back of the church, we have a Prayer box. You can leave a prayer request and it will be prayed over every day for 30 days by Mahala, our Spiritual Leader. After 30 days, the prayer requests are sent to Silent Unity where they are prayed over for another 30 days. All prayer requests are confidential.

Individual Pastoral Care

Appointments for Pastoral Care sessions are available by calling the church at 410-544-7990. Walk-in appointments for Pastoral Care will be accepted, time permitting. Pastoral care is provided on a Love-offering basis.

Silent Unity

Silent Unity, based at Unity Village, is a large, loving group of trained people who will pray with you directly over the phone, 24/7.  They receive calls and pray with people all over the world. All calls are handled anonymously and you may call as many times as you need. Anyone can call them. The toll free number is: 1-800-Now-Pray or (1-800-669-7729).

Chaplain Training and Practice Sessions

Unity by the Bay Prayer Chaplains, along with members interested in becoming chaplains, completed a series of training events this year including Prayer Workshops, Meetings, Practice Sessions, and our recent Facebook Class, Unity Prayer. Those engaged in this training had practice sessions before Chaplain Commitment Sunday, June 19, 2016.

Sessions were facilitated by our Spiritual Leader Mahala and Licensed Unity Teacher, Pat Clarke. This event was supported by Ethel Porter and the UBB Continuing Chaplains. Those new to the program attended all sessions. Those who have been chaplains previously attended at least one session. We reviewed the components of the chaplains program and the annual agreement as we prayed silently and aloud offering individual and group prayer to create a powerful field of energy and divine possibility and expand our chaplain program.

Questions about Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes offered at Unity by the Bay may be directed to Pat Clarke at

“May you know how loved (by God) you are today in this moment and what a Blessing you are to us.”

Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for July: Understanding
Apostle: Thomas
Area of Body: Front of the Brain
Color: Gold
Understanding: The ability to know, perceive, comprehend and apprehend.
Affirmation: My understanding of Truth deepens and directs my life.