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Sunday, August 26 (12:30—3:00 pm)
Interfaith Kirtan with Mandala*
With roots in the Hindu and Sikh traditions of India, the audience participatory music called kirtan (also known as “yoga chanting”) is finding a home in the West. Mandala’s chants are simple enough for anyone to sing, regardless of musical training or talent, and catchy enough to leave you humming them long after the live event. And while traditional kirtan is based on Vedic and Tantric texts in Sanskrit, Mandala’s Interfaith Kirtan combines these with Biblical and other texts for a truly integrative experience. “Mandala is an international ethnic fusion music group with loads of eclectic talent. They offer kirtan, Sufi-style zikr, Turkish and Indian beats and Georgian chant – a whole new kind of devotional music; it is not your typical kirtan. These accomplished musicians and singers have created a compilation of music with beautiful inspirational messages that all devotional backgrounds can enjoy.” –Yoga Life Journal




Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for August: Will
Apostle: Matthew
Area of Body: center of the brain
Color: silver
Will—The ability to choose, decide, command, lead, determine.
"I choose my good based on spiritual understanding."

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  • Healing
    I pray for and believe that healing is possible.

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