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Special Events

Please note that events marked with an (*) are independently sponsored

Saturday, June 2 (9:00 am — 12:30 pm)
Peace in an Age of Anxiety
Calmness, Confidence, and Taking Charge
Join us for a half-day workshop on how to transform your relationship to anxiety. While relaxation is always thought of as an antidote, there are many other responses to anxiety that can greatly improve the quality of our lives. In this experiential and interactive course, you will learn:

  • how to powerfully change the impact of anxiety by making it a friend instead of an enemy
  • meditations that can lead to a greater sense of peacefulness
  • how anxiety is embedded in a deep-rooted, unconscious narrative, and how to begin dislodging that narrative
  • a powerful method for accessing the deep wisdom and insight hidden in your unconscious mind

More information is available here. Investment: $70, or $65 early registration by May 27. Get your tickets!

Sunday, June 10, during the Sunday Service
New Members Induction
The next new member induction will take place on June 10. Please sign up in the social area if you are interested in placing membership, or contact the office at or 410-544-7990. Prospective new members are highly encouraged to take Mahala’s class Unity: A Quest for Truth in preparation for placing membership.

Coming soon!

Healing Arts Afternoon
This is your chance to experience one or more healing modalities at a very reasonable price! Sessions are 20 minutes in length and are priced at only $20. ALL healing session proceeds benefit UBB. Artists and crafters are also invited to sell their creations on an equitable split basis. If you are a healing arts practitioner or an artist or crafter who would like to participate, please contact Ethel Porter at 410-263-2680 to sign up or for more information.


Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for April: Love
Apostle: John
Area of Body: back of the heart
Color: pink
Love—The ability to attract, unify, and desire.
"I am a radiating center of love."

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