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Linda Kesselring
President of the Board of Trustees
Unity by the Bay

Thanks for stopping by UBB’s website! If you’re new to our church, let me be one of the first to say “Welcome!” As you can tell from our website, we are a friendly, welcoming, Spirit-centered church community, created by loving and compassionate truth seekers just like you. We are a diverse group of people, and we delight in the richness of the tapestry we weave together. I hope you’ll come to one of our Sunday services or visit one of our many classes or special events to see how our church feels to you. You just might find the church home you’ve been looking for! If you’re someone who knows UBB well, as a long-time member or friend, I say “Thank you!” for bringing your energy and unique style to our church family. Because of your commitment and presence, UBB is deepening in our Christ Consciousness and expanding in our Prosperity Consciousness.

We have received many miracles and we open our hearts to those that are on the way. As we prepare to move to our light-filled and spacious New Church Home on Pointless Forest Trail, we say YES to the bounty that is ours and to the bright future that is before us. We are truly blessed and so very grateful! It is an honor and a pleasure to serve Unity by the Bay as the president of the Board of Trustees at this exciting time in the journey of our church. UBB has enriched my life for many years, and I am happy to have this opportunity give my time and energy in return. The board works hand-in-hand with our beloved Spiritual Leader, Dr. Mahala Connally, on administrative and business matters that arise as a matter of course in church operations. With every discussion and decision, we acknowledge the Christ Presence within and among us, and we dedicate ourselves to achieving the Greater Good that serves everyone who enters our sanctuary. If you have a question about our church, or an idea that you would like to share, please write to me at
I would be very happy to hear from you.

Linda Kesselring


Gary Scholze
Vice President


Ritu Sharma


Greg Martins



Alan Krissoff
Member At-Large



Jan Dineen
Member At-Large

Carol Kerr
Ministry Assistant

Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for February: Strength
Apostle: Andrew
Area of Body: small of the back
Color: light green
Strength—The ability to endure, stay the course, persevere.
Affirmation: I have the strength to accomplish all that is mine to do.

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  • Comfort
    My open heart comforts the world.

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