Sunday Services with Children's Services at 10:15 A.M.

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Events marked with an asterisk (*) are independently sponsored.

Wednesdays, February 26 ― April 8 (7:00―8:30 pm)
Keep A True Lent 2020: Mastering the Energy of Easter
Class facilitated by Elva Stewart, LUT. The spiritual practice of fasting and feasting during Lent prepares us for Easter and The Resurrection. This practice has been celebrated as a journey of growth and realization of our innate potential. Daily we are fueled, energized, enlightened, and empowered through prayer, meditation, denials, and affirmations, resulting in unfoldment of the Christ Consciousness or the Evolution of Consciousness. Through this unfoldment/evolution, we become masters of our energy. We are renewed, transformed, and awakened to a Greater Self, the Christ or the I AM, which ultimately enables us to rise above any and all of our grave experiences! A sign-up sheet is available in the fellowship hall.

Please bring a copy of Charles Fillmore’s book Keep a True Lent, which can be purchased in UBB’s bookstore or at Amazon Smile. If you buy the book at Amazon Smile and choose UBB as the organization you support, our spiritual center will receive a donation based on your purchase.

Mondays, March 9 ― 30  (7:00―9:00 pm)
Energy Healing
Lisa Karesek, a TRE® Certified Facilitator, is bringing her TRE® 4-week Experience Series (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) to UBB. TRE® is effective in releasing the effects of stored trauma from your body and mind. Any experience that causes you to react on a psycho-emotional level has a direct and immediate effect at a neuro-physiological level, possibly for an extended time. In this series, you will explore your personal trauma timeline, determine your level of traumatic imprint, and learn how to discharge stored energy to create new emotional pathways and accelerate your recovery time. Space is limited. Register hereThe cost for all four sessions is $150. Please bring your personal journal, a mat, and a blanket and wear comfortable clothing you can stretch in. Each class is a combination of education, self discovery, discussion, and a group TRE® experience. Registration for all four classes is required; however, a drop-in session will be offered on Tuesday, April 21 at 7:00 pm. For additional information about Lisa Karesek, visit her website.

Thursdays, March 12, 19, and 26 (7:00―9:00 pm)
UN*Conditional Connection
Learn the Art of UN*Conditional Connection with Shawn Mahshie. In any given moment, there are two basic ways of being with yourself, others, and life: Conditional vs. UN*Conditional. One hurts; the other doesn’t. It’s THAT Simple. Come and find out how to stop letting expectations and conditions separate you from others, from your own dear Self, and from loving your days and nights―NO MATTER WHAT is happening.

In this experience-based workshop, you will transform your own real issues in a light, fun, productive way that creates a partnership with self, others, and life. (No obligation to share unless you want to.) Learn or deepen your practice in The Work of Byron Katie and Shawn’s Art of UN*Conditionality, a simple, systematic way of dissolving the illusion of separation and being in flow with all that is—based on how your brain and body are wired–that Brings You Back to Life. This class is being offered on a love-offering basis. Register here or call Shawn at 301-785-0545.

Back by Popular Demand!
Saturday, April 4
 (10:00 am – 3:30 pm)
Intuitive and Resonant Chakra Treasure-Mapping and Vision-Boarding
With Anita Pathik and Carol Kerr. Utilize and activate the energetic, emotional, and visual information of the chakra system to enhance harmony within the seven core selves and create a uniquely designed vision board that reveals what is wishing to be made manifest in your life, in service to your soul’s deepest purpose and desires for this year. Workshop price, including lunch, is just $37.00 or $20 for those repeating. Advance registration is required, so get your tickets.

Sunday Mornings (9:00―10:00 am) in the 2nd floor library
Sunday Morning Growth Group
What If This Is Heaven?

Near Death Experience and What It Teaches Us About Living. Facilitated by Nancy Dowell and Vicki Fearey, discussions will explore core lessons about bringing heaven to earth―right here, right now―from those who have been to the other side of the veil.

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute’s Spiritual Explorers Classes
Close to 20 online education classes are offered by Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute! Check out their website. There are no prerequisites for these classes. They are perfect for people who are new to the Unity principles and for those who are further along on their spiritual journey but not yet ready to commit to the more in-depth Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) classes.

Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for February: Strength
Apostle: Andrew
Area of Body: small of the back
Color: light green
Strength—The ability to endure, stay the course, persevere.
Affirmation: I have the strength to accomplish all that is mine to do.

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