Sunday Services with Children's Services at 10:15 A.M.

To register for any class, please contact the office at 410-544-7990 or
Events marked with an asterisk (*) are independently sponsored.


Thursdays (7:00 – 8:30 pm)
Djembe Drumming Class*
Rhythmic Workshop with Kevin Whisman! This workshop is not just for drummers! It’s for movers, groovers and music lovers everywhere! Each workshop will cover three components: individual technique, spiritual development, and communal awareness in the drum circle. You can join the class at any time. $20 suggested love offering; contact for more information.


Wednesdays, February 28 – April 4 (7:00 – 8:30 pm)
New Class with Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson
Based on the book Spiritual Fitness: How to Live in Truth and Trust by Caroline Reynolds. Love offerings accepted. Books available. Join the class at any time!


Thursdays, March 15 – April 5 (7:00 – 8:30 pm)

Radical Relationship Relief
Be reliably happy—whether or not others change! After all your “awakening” work on yourself, do you STILL sometimes feel anxious, angry, or alienated — from self, other, and life — clueless about to put all that theory into practice around your most deeply entrenched patterns?
Unity invites you to join us for… 4 THURSDAYS WITH SHAWN MAHSHIE
In these four weeks, Shawn introduces the universal law she has identified, and teaches the radically simple, but effective, tools for accessing your own dependable path to peace and the UNCONDITIONAL connection it reveals.
Shawn guides you through the hands-on experience of becoming the curious compassionate caretaker of the parts of you that are still under the spell of old programming, often bringing instant and lasting relief from your most stubborn pain points and tenacious survival scripts. Begin the happy journey home to deep inner advocacy–the “Self-Solidarity” she reveals to be the bottom line in all spiritual quests.
It is recommended you attend for all sessions, but come as you can! Register at Shawn’s website.


Sunday Mornings (9:00―10:15 am)
The Sunday Morning Growth Group
Begin your Sunday morning in a circle of Oneness as you meet others at Unity by the Bay. Phil Brentwood and Jim Haller lead the discussion. The Sunday Morning Spiritual Growth Group is always open to those interested in listening to or sharing in lively discussions. This is a powerful, loving group, which has provided new and seasoned Unity members with a way to meet and connect deeply as we explore various spiritual concepts and universal laws. Each of us who attends regularly have added ideas and practices for living in the present, showing up as a loving presence and being in our Truth. All are invited and encouraged to join us in the Wiggle Room.

Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for February: Strength
Apostle: Andrew
Area of Body: small of the back
Color: light green
Strength—The ability to endure, stay the course, persevere.
"I have the strength to accomplish all that is mine to do."

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