Sunday Services with Children's Services at 10:15 A.M.

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Saturdays, September 14 – November 16 (9:30-11:45am)
Mary Morrissey’s Signature Program, Prosperity Plus™
We are excited to present Prosperity Plus…A New Way of Living™ by Mary Morrissey. If you are ready to make a commitment to your self-growth, please join us for this powerful ten-week series which will help you bring metaphysical principles into action to enhance your:
* Peace of mind
* Health
* Relationships
* Creative Expression
* Financial freedom
Each week we practice simple ways to stay tuned in to your God-given right to prosperity in all its forms. Each day, you can reinforce these principles with your personal program materials, including a workbook and 18 audio CDs. “… It includes so much more than just prosperity. Just different ways of  seeing life from a more positive perspective.”  [Rev. Maureen Hoyt, Granada Hills, CA]
Weekly discussions facilitated by Coaches Carol Kerr, Liz Clickner and Licensed Unity Teach Candidate Marie Huffer will allow you to gain insight and support in this amazing experiment in abundant living. Each session features interactive video presentations by Prosperity Plus creator Rev. Mary Morrissey. Materials cost is $55 for the full set or $15 for repeat students who want a fresh workbook. The ten classes are offered on a tithe/love-offering basis. Check out the flyer! For more information contact Carol Kerr at

Wednesdays, September 18 & 25, October 2 (6:30 – 8:30 pm)
The NO-MATTER-WHAT WAY: The Science of Unconditional Connection to Self, Others, and Abundant Life
Join us for a Hands-On Experience of SELF-Evolution via Shawn’s PAIN-TO-PEACE PROCESS, which harnesses whatever upsets you and uses THE WORK of Byron Katie, and Shawn’s Wheel of Self-Love to Love Yourself Happy and Love Life as It Comes. NO MATTER WHAT! In this workshop, Shawn introduces her universal law and teaches the radically simple but effective tools for accessing your own dependable path to peace and the UNCONDITIONAL connection it reveals. This presentation especially resonates with highly self-aware women and men who are ready to be done with the life compromises they have made that are creating anxiety, overwhelm, or issues in their health, finances, or relationships.

Learn more or register here today (SPACE IS LIMITED) or call (301) 785-0545 to learn more and register. SHAWN MAHSHIE is a Trained Facilitator of THE WORK of Byron Katie, author of “The Spark of Self-Love,” and developer of Symmetry Theory and Happiness Hacks. Her work is known for bringing about real results and reversing the ways you sabotage your own happiness, taking even those in long-term spiritual practice to the next level. Shawn’s waterfront retreats and cutting-edge mastermind groups are changing lives at the speed of self-love.

Wednesdays, October 9–30 (7:00–8:30 pm)
Why God Gave You Two Ears and One Mouth
How to Improve Communication Skills for All Your Relationships. Join Dr. Nancy Moonstarr and Rev. Baine Palmer for a four-week workshop series. Suggested Love Offering: $25 per person per session. Learn more about Nancy!

Sunday Mornings (9:00―10:15 am) in the 2nd floor library
Sunday Morning Growth Group
Vibrant, Playful, Expressive, Uplifting, Fulfilling, Delightful, Expansive, Creative, Enriched, Fun… If you would like to use these words more often to describe yourself and your life, please join us as we explore the teachings of Julia Cameron. We will focus on her book Vein of Gold, yet any of her dozens of others would serve as maps of the terrain. We will each be on a pilgrimage of sorts to reclaim and restore our creative self. Together we’ll share in the journey, inspire and support each other, and see how the steps of getting there are quite similar to the qualities of being there. The discussions are open to everyone, and if you miss a week or two, we’ll save a seat for you!
Our long-standing Sunday spiritual growth group goes back to a weekly schedule. The planners recommitted to having more structure and specific topics of study. The work of Julia Cameron, starting with her book Vein of Gold, is the current topic. Reading this book of self-healing and finding your voice book is encouraged but not required. Jim Haller will facilitate the Vein of Gold discussions. The mornings will begin with friendly connections at 9:00 am followed by a pray-in and a centering silence. The discussion will end in time for participants to join the meditation in the sanctuary at 10:15. This time of new beginning is the perfect time to join the discussion. Hope to see you there!

Coming in October
A Pilgrim’s Journey in Truth*
A workshop with Nellie Lauth, MSW. Nellie’s new book is a beautifully written spiritual autobiography, an account of one woman’s persistent journey to Truth. Sharing her own experiences and a dialogue with the audience, she will outline key points in the book and speak about the path of undoing in order to find the Self, or Christ, within us. She uses chant and contemplation to enable participants to have their own experience of what pilgrimage means for each of us. For more information, contact Nellie at

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute’s Spiritual Explorers Classes
Close to 20 online education classes are offered by Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute! Check out their website. There are no prerequisites for these classes. They are perfect for people who are new to the Unity principles and for those who are further along on their spiritual journey but not yet ready to commit to the more in-depth Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) classes.

Our Twelve Divine Powers

Power for October: Zeal
Apostle: Simon the Canaanite
Area of Body: back of the head
Color: orange
Zeal—The ability to be enthusiastic, be passionate, start, motivate.
"I enthusiastically accept my good and go forward to achieve my purpose."

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  • Service
    I experience joy as I give of myself in service to others.

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